Thursday, 4 August 2016

Dinosaurs, They're for the Girls Too // Kids Fashion

Back in April my son celebrated his 3rd birthday with a dinosaur party. When it came to choosing an outfit for the party, he had so many dinosaur inspired t-shirts that he ended up wearing dino tops every day during his birthday week! The problem I ran into was when my 4-yr old daughter also wanted to wear a dinosaur themed outfit. I found it nearly impossible to find her anything that wasn't from the boys sections, which doesn't always have the best fit. I lucked out at the last minute when I found this colorful tunic from Next.

She paired the tunic with teal leggings and a yellow cardigan, coordinating with the colors from the dinosaur pattern. So that was their outfits sorted, party was fab and the near dino dilemma was soon forgotten.

Fast forward to last week when we were on holidays in the US and found ourselves browsing the racks in Target. "Mom, oh wow look at that!" my daughter exclaimed as her eyes lit up.

It was a graphic tee from Target's new Cat and Jack line. The dark gray t-shirt features 7 brightly colored dinosaurs, some even bedazzled with sequins. This tee appealed to my daughter's love for both rainbows and the prehistoric critters too.  It was a no brainer purchase, especially with a downloadable $5 off coupon advertised in the store.
So this had me thinking, what other clothing options are available to the girl who loves to play with the Brontosaurus, just as much as her Shopkins? Take a look at the list compiled below for more playful dinosaur options to mix in her wardrobe.


There were also a few pieces I came across listed under the boys section that I could totally see my daughter loving. Like this hoodie, with sewn on spikes. I could see her pairing this with a bright pink legging and some black converse sneakers.


It's great to see so many options for all our future paleontologists! Do your daughters love dinosaurs too? I hope this post has given you some fun clothing ideas! Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

*Note: The Next tunic is no longer in stock on their website. However, a quick eBay search offered results in several different sizes. 

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

DIY Ring Bearer Box // Wedding Details

Check out this super simple DIY to create a personalised touch for a wedding. 

Supplies Needed:
Small Glass Box (found at Sostrene Green for €3.99)
Gold Acrylic Paint
Thin Paint Brush
Black Felt Fabric
Glue Gun & Glue Sticks

1. Paint monogram on the box's glass top.
I copied the bride & groom's monogram directly from their custom invitations by placing the paper under the glass and tracing. If you don't have a monogram, you can either create one to print & trace or freehand a design of your own. Custom invitations from EJD Design.

2. Cut 2 strips of black felt that measure the same width as glass box.

3. Roll felt. 

4. Glue the ends of felt so they won't unroll. 

5. Place the two felt rolls into the box.
There shouldn't be much of a gap between the rolls. You want a tight enough space so the rings are held securely.

My son was a ring bearer at this wedding so it was even more special to have him carry this custom piece. I also made a similar version for myself, which holds rings on a bathroom shelf. It's a cute and practical project! 

Friday, 8 April 2016

Boy's Third Birthday // Dinosaur Party Inspiration

Our Harry's third birthday is quickly approaching. While I'm still working out all the details, I had to share the party invitation...

I am absolutely in love and completely inspired by this invite! When I asked my amazing designer friend, Liz, from EJD Design if she could create an invite with my Harry riding on a dinosaur, she surpassed all my expectations! How happy does Harry look taking the ride of his dreams?! I sent Liz a photograph of Harry on his bicycle and she worked her magic to sit him in that little saddle.

For more information about EJD Design and all her stunning work, check out Liz's website. And here's a closer look at that Brontosaurus & Harry friendship... ;)

More inspiration for this third birthday party is coming from: 
  • This perfectly minty cake stand from Tiger Stores, currently in shops for only €8!

  • This cleverly designed and gorgeously illustrated dinosaur book, Dinoblock

  • This ROARing good party garland from Meri Meri

  • Oh and only the most perfectly paired dinosaur & desserts party top from Passive Juice Motel. Can you tell that Harry's wearing this tee on the invite above?!

The party will be here in no time and I'll be sure to share all the details from the party here. Stay tuned!!!! x

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Cadbury's 2016 Easter Egg Hunt // Holiday Activities

Friday the 25th and Saturday the 26th of March were two days of chocoliffic fun in Dublin's Merrion Square. The Cadbury's Easter Egg Hunt in aid of Barnados hosted four events over two days and it was a hoppening time! 

There was fun for the whole family including face painting, story telling, crafts, carnival games, magic shows, Victorian games and sack racing too. An Easter Bunny house was on display and Wooly Ward's Mobile Pet Farm weren't to be missed either! The furriest, softest little bunnies were on hand for the kids to hold and pet. 

Egg and spoon races

Knocking over chocolate eggs with rubber eggs

Face painting concentration 

Harry loves the real rabbits

The Easter Egg Trail was the egg-stra special, main attraction where children collected stamps for completing eight activities. The kids had to take a photo in the egg cutouts, pin a tail on a rabbit, count balloons and identify differences in photos, along with a few other rabbit-related stunts. Get all the stamps and redeem them for a massive golden chocolate egg prize!

Posing at the first trail station

Waiting patiently for their golden egg

With all proceeds going directly to Barnados, it was a super day out supporting a very worthy cause. If you're planning to go next year I suggest booking this event early because both dates sold out quickly. A family of four pass cost €20, which was more than worth it in the loads of chocolate you received alone! So glad we could participate this year and already looking forward to 2017's! 

Watching for the Easter Bunny at his house on the hill

Trying out one of the many Victorian Games

Thanks Cadbury & Barnados for a fabulous event!

Thursday, 31 March 2016

Host an Easter Egg Hunt // Holiday Activity

This year a friend and I hosted an Easter egg hunt for our children in Cabinteely Park. We found a spot that was just off the main path, far enough away from the other children at the playground, but with plenty of green space and a cool fallen tree to add an interesting visual feature. 

The moms arrived half an hour earlier to set up. We'd pre-packed approximately 60 eggs so we only had to set the eggs out and add a couple of decorations. The dads walked the kids down and followed the directional signs we'd posted along the trail.

Adorable bunny directional from Meri Meri 

The hunt was pure excitement, the absolute best moments that every child should get the opportunity to experience. It was also over in less than 10 minutes! Boy, were those kids quick- must be all the eggsersize they get! ;)

Spotted eggs in a tree branch!

An egg hunt is a fairly easy and inexpensive way to create lasting childhood memories. Here's a list of our best Egg Hunt tips...

1. Finding a Public Location
If your back garden is lacking in size, don't fret! There are so many options to host an egg hunt. Scout for locations in advance, looking for a place that is safe with minimal traffic. Avoid near playgrounds, so as to keep curious kids from being disappointed. And keep your hunt area relatively small in size, so it's easy to see everything in one quick glance.  

2. Add decorations
A couple of simple decorations can go a long way in creating a photo-worthy setting.

Recycled bunting and euro shop egg ornaments jazz up the space, if only the wind would cooperate!

3. Hiding Spots
Spread the eggs out across the grass, in the shrubbery and among the tree branches too. Hide in places that are appropriate for your age group. Keep it challenging, but also easy enough that the kids don't get discouraged if they can't find any eggs.  

Don't forget to hide eggs off the ground too. 

4. Each child needs a container
It's very difficult to collect your eggs if you've nowhere to store them. Don't forget a basket, bag or even a bucket! Check out these ridiculously cute chalkboard painted pails with chick and rabbit drawings. 

5. Group photograph before the hunt begins
Because it's easy to bribe kids with promises of chocolate!

Ready? Set? Cheese!!!!!

6. Fill those eggs
Chocolates and sweets are always a treat, but it's easy to add in some non-candy options too. Check out this post for a super simple DIY Easter Terrarium that can be reused as a bug collection jar! 

7. Use refillable plastic eggs
Add a few new ones to the mix each year but otherwise, store them for use for future hunts. Score the Easter sales too and you're already sorted for next year!  

Have you hosted an Easter Egg Hunt previously? Do you have any additional tips to include? Please let me know in the comment section below! Last year my kids and I participated in a family egg hunt that my aunts and cousins organize every year back home in Rhode Island. I'm trying to keep the tradition going across the pond here and hope I did them proud :) xx 

Two very thrilled children!
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