Friday, 20 February 2015

Photo Fun // Instagram & Blog Inspired

One of my favorite parts of Instagram is creating custom hashtags. Don't laugh, but I have hashtags for my children, family vacations, and even our local hilltops. That last one is #dollymanjaro and it's a hill found in our current village of Cabinteely, a place that I absolutely love to take family photographs on. To learn more about Cabinteely, read my previous blog post here.

Below are some of the photos taken on the same hill over the last year of living just a 5 minute walk away. My favourite has to be the bicycle one because those big, fluffy clouds are just heavenly!

One idea that I think is just brilliant is the "Same Spot Calendar". This is where you take a photo in the same place every month so that by the end of the year, you can create a calendar of the collection of 12 photos. I first saw this done on Heart & Habit. The author is a blogger who lives in Toronto and takes the same spot photos of the backs of her 2 children along a path in the city. I am especially jealous because they experience a true designation of the four seasons. The change in season is evident by both the area's surroundings, like the colours of the trees' leaves, but also in what her children are wearing- shorts in summer months and woolly hats during the winter. In Dublin we have such a mild, rarely changing climate that I think it would be hard to differentiate the months! For example, I've been outside in February and June with the exact outfit of a hoodie and jeans on.  That being said, I still really want to do this calendar one of these years. If I kept up with my hill photos a little more consistently and actually took them each month, then I might get a calendar's worth of shots eventually! 

Blowing Bubbles in the Sunshine
Do you have a local place that you love to take photographs at? I'd love to hear what photo fun you get up to!


  1. The funny part is that this hill is actually not that impressive to look at. But with the right angle (me lying on the ground!!) it makes for some great photos :)

  2. I started a same spot calendar with my daughter this year. It's similar to the Heart and Habit one in that I'm taking pictures of her from behind. I'm using a front yard of a church in my neighborhood. It has a beautiful maple tree that I use in the background to help give it some seasonality. Awesome pics on that hill, Pies and Gents!

    1. Laura, that sounds awesome! What a great way to document the year. And it doubles as a perfect xmas present too!


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