Friday, 27 March 2015

Easter Tea Party // Kids Activity

Easter week is upon us and I've been so preoccupied with our upcoming trip to visit my family in Rhode Island that I haven't put much thought into the holiday. Last year I had all the decorations up by now, this year I've only just hung Emme's bunny & card crafts from school on the fridge. Since we'll be away for Easter Sunday, I haven't put the effort into decorating and while I know the kids probably don't even notice, I definitely do! So today I grabbed a couple of quick items from around the house and threw an impromptu Easter-themed tea party. 

Rabbit & sheep sat across from my very own bunny, Emme, at the table. A dainty, floral tea cup filled with some fresh daffodils was our centerpiece. The colorful letters are from a banner set I picked up when visiting London. 

This darling ceramic tea set was a gift from a dear friend when Emme was born. The tea cups and tea pot each display different images from the Peter Rabbit Tales, while the pastel saucers perfectly compliment the colors used in the sweet images. The kids have a couple of plastic tea sets that are out for everyday play use so I like to only take this set out for special occasions. 

Paper cutouts added to a couple of paper lanterns gave us some fun Easter themed decor. I started off planning to make 3 animals- a bunny, a chick and with another blue lantern I was going to create a blue bird. The blue bird started looking more like a sickly chick though, so I scrapped that plan quickly! What other "Eastery" animal could I have made with a blue lantern? 

Emme was so thrilled with the impromtu party. She got such a laugh out of the animal-faced lanterns and started tickling and kissing them. She also helped me set everything outside in the yard. Just seeing her stuffed animals in the yard was a fun change and an easy way to mix up her normal afternoon routine. 

Unfortunately our tea party didn't last quite as long as we would have liked. Dark storm clouds soon covered the sky and just as we pulled the last bits inside, hail began pelting the ground! 

We watched out the windows as the hail hit and clinked against the glass. After the heaviest and hardest part of the storm was over, we wandered out to have a look at the hail. Emme was delighted as she thought it was snow- it's still such a novelty to her! But who would have thought a tea party would lead to a lesson in weird weather!

I'll likely use this weekend to hang some Easter decorations up in the house. Even though we'll be away for the holiday, the house seems bare without them out now. Mostly though, it'll keep me busy from counting down the minutes to our trip! I'm really looking forward to spending the Easter weekend with family. What are your plans for the upcoming Easter holiday? Do you have any special traditions that you'll celebrate with? I'm crossing my fingers that the weather cooperates for an outdoor egg hunt! But I'll be sure to update the blog with everything that we get up to, and until then I'm wishing you all a very happy and eggstra special Easter this year!! x


  1. Thank you Miss Emme for letting me be a part of your very special tea party. Tell mommy she could turn the blue lantern into a decorated Easter egg. As for the egg hunt it looks to be a bit chilly so dress warm for it. Lol.

    1. I'm seeing the recent snow pics fromRI and thinking an outdoor hunt isn't happening! Bummer! But I'll still keep my fingers crossed!

  2. I do love a good tea party! And this one looks fabulous...

    1. Your tea parties are EPIC!!!!! Perhaps a dedicated post on your tea party is needed for this blog?!!


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