Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Sticks and Scraps // Fabric Wrapped Branch Centerpieces

Here's a super simple idea for a decorative centerpiece. 

What you need:
-Scraps of fabric, various prints in different lengths & widths
-Tacky Glue

A couple of really easy steps:
-Wrap your fabric strips around the branches, keeping the fabric as tight as possible.
-Before you wrap the end, add a drop of tacky glue to secure the fabric in place. 

How cute is that miniature pinecone?!

This took all of 10 minutes to do! Easy, quick, & cheap (Branches that fell in my yard after a wind storm and  fabric strips that I nabbed from my mom's scrap box = zero cost)!

Chalkboard sign from the Target dollar bin.
Oh how I miss those dollar bins!

Some other funky looking branches

I wrapped these branches in black and white fabric because my room decor has a sort of monochromatic feel and the b&w seemed like a nice choice. I had previously wrapped these branches in bright, neon yarn for some decor at my daughter's 3rd birthday party. Instead of removing the yarn for this project, I just wrapped the fabric pieces over the yarn bits. 

I can imagine so many possibilities for this...
-Halloween: orange & black fabric with paper bats hanging from the branches
-Spring/ Easter: pastel fabric with miniature eggs hanging from the branches
-St Patricks Day: green fabric with gold coins hanging from the hanging the branches

Stay tuned for photographs of the different holiday ideas! 

Do you feel inspired to collect some sticks and round up your scraps?! Let me know how you get on with this project! 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! I can imagine Jerry reaction to sticks on his dining room table haha!!

  2. Nice idea. Gonna use that this summer with the girls.

    1. Awesome! I want to see pics of what you create please!

  3. Gonna try the Easter one for next week and I almost thru out the branch I had from Christmas! Love the black and white!


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