Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Easter Recap // Holiday Memories

The cousins eating their egg hunt finds!
We were fortunate to spend Easter in Rhode Island with some of our extended family. It was a really wonderful holiday spent with some of my most favorite people in the world! I am so lucky that my cousins and aunties are all incredibly clever and love an excuse to decorate, play new games and get creative. You could say that there's creativity in our George genes!  Here are some photos to recap the memorable day...

She filled that basket quickly
We began with an egg hunt for the younger kids. With hundreds of eggs spread out all over my cousin's front and back yards, the kids were scrambling to find them all! Last Easter I held a small egg hunt for Harry & Emme but it was nothing to this scale. This year they were both at a great age to understand what they were meant to look for and they most definitely took advantage of all the candy and sweets that were supplied! 

Getting some assistance from an older cousin
Looks like that sugar rush is kicking in! 
After the egg hunt and some outdoor playtime, we moved inside to feast. This year we had a panini bar with every single possible mouth-watering sandwich fixing you could ever want. I honestly do not think that a single panini was duplicated because there were so many possible combinations! My favorite sandwich of the day had to be the crispy bacon, cranberry sauce and brie combination. Oh it was heavenly! Baked French Toast, fruit salad, potato salad and plenty more side dishes completed  the buffet. 

Once we'd finished our brunch, we played a few games. I have to point out here that I have an aunt Gayle who is an especially talented artist and crafter. Also, I think of her as a sort of "Pinterest Master" because she manages to find the most fantastic ideas on Pinterest. But she doesn't just pin things like the rest of us do- she actually creates the projects and often gives them her own creative spin!  I don't think there is a holiday that passes without something cool and interesting that she has DIYed. Two of the games she made for this Easter celebration were an egg toss with varying levels of points for the 3 sized pails, and the second was a bean bag toss with the Easter Bunny's mouth to catch the bags. My mom sewed the bean bags for the game too, so it's really a whole family affair :)

Easter Egg Toss Game
Bunny Beanbag Toss Game
She didn't stop there though- oh no! Check out this cake that she made too. As you can see from the first photograph, it looked like your typical 3-tiered cake, decorated with an adorable springtime banner and some miniature animals...
Cute cake, before the surprise center was revealed!
but the real surprise was inside- the cake was filled with Jelly Beans!! It was delicious and super cute. 

Surprise! Jelly beans on the inside.
Gayle also made the most adorable Easter centerpiece- simple but so festive! I just hope those poor marshmallow Peeps got eaten, even if they were slightly stale. I would hate to see delicious sweets go to waste ;)
A pretty & playful Easter centerpiece
I am disappointed that I didn't contribute much to this wonderful party- we'd only arrived into Rhode Island the day before Easter so I wasn't exactly in the crafting mood. However, I was quite pleased that I could bring home some of the coveted chocolate Kinder Eggs that you cannot get in the US. At one stage in the afternoon we had a mad Kinder Egg opening session and the laughs we got cracking open chocolate and building miniature cheap plastic toys- it was such fun! 

I am so grateful for my family back in Rhode Island and the special time we got to spend with everyone while visiting. I only wish we could see them all more often. Thank you to everyone who made our trip so wonderful! 

This face sums up the day- pure joy! 
To my readers- how did you spend your Easter holiday? What kind of games and traditions do you get up to? I hope you all enjoyed a very special day with those that you love!


  1. Another great blog. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Replies
    1. We will miss our fun RI Easter this year :( but luckily lots to look forward to on your visit and this summer!!!!


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