Saturday, 2 May 2015

Mother's Day Card // Bouquet of Paper Flowers

Today in Dublin was nonstop drizzly rain on a particularly dreary grey day.  It's May Bank holiday weekend here and the anticipation of the 3-day weekend was nearly squashed by a miserable weather forecast. Luckily, the Monday is looking pretty decent with a bit of sunshine and the rain today forced us to catch up around the house, run some errands and we even got in a bit of time for crafting too.

It's Mother's Day in America next Sunday, May 10th and that was the perfect reason to create on this rainy day. We made a special Mother's Day paper floral bouquet and card. For this craft you need the following items:

  • Construction paper (2 sheets in different colors)
  • White Paper 
  • Crayons
  • Water colors and paint brush
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick 
  • Optional Embellishments (Washi Tape, Stickers, etc)
First, use your crayons to draw several different types of flowers out on the white pieces of paper. I'm not much of an artist, so my drawings are pretty basic! Once the flowers were drawn, my 3-year old used the water colors to paint each of the flowers. I left it up to her to choose the colors for the flowers and the leaves too. Some of them she chose to fill in the flower with the same color paint as the crayon used to draw it, while others she went in a different direction. She's pretty heavy handed with the paint, which makes it hard to see the crayon coming through the drawing, so I did wipe some of the thicker paint away once she was finished. Allow the water color paintings to dry. Once the paintings are completely dry, use your scissors to cut around the flowers. 

Now fold 1 sheet of your colored paper in half to make a card. Cut a vase out with the other color paper and using your glue stick, apply glue to all of the vase edges, except for the top which will be your opening to hold your bouquet. Arrange your paper flowers in the vase.

You can now decorate the rest of your card as you like. I chose to use some floral washi tape on the cover, along with some handwritten sentiments. 

Since my daughter was born, there has been a bit of an unintentional ladybug theme (well, originally it was unintentional, but now I suppose it has become quite intentional!), especially between her and my mother. So it seemed appropriate to add a ladybug sticker to my mom's favorite flower, the sunflower. But I had to add a second ladybug in a nod to my son too, so they're both in the little bundle, tucked away as part of the surprise! 

This craft was considerably easy and fairly quick to make, but the results are just lovely! I could see this floral bouquet sent as a birthday card, thinking of you, brightening your day or even a happy spring card. And for those with allergies or sensitive noses- here's the perfect alternative to a real bouquet of flowers :) Perhaps the flowers can be recycled into a springtime banner or wreath too- I'll have to see what my mom does with them (no pressure to keep them of course, mom!) Lots of possibilities anyways and I honestly think that you can't beat a handmade card! 

Happy crafting and happy weekend to all! 


  1. That card will definetly be a keeper for years. Great job Emme on painting the flowers!

  2. I loved my card, yes I'm blowing my cover, but I had to choice to show how much I loved the thought and beautiful work on this very special card! Thank you

    1. We are so happy you loved it!!! We love you xoxo


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