Saturday, 20 June 2015

Last Minute Father's Day Idea // Family Traditions

Tomorrow is Father's Day, a day in which we celebrate our father's, as well as our very own baby daddy's.

If you need a last minute idea for a special, personalized card, I've got just the WRITE (yes I went there!) idea for you.

What you Need:
Googly Eyes
And a participating child!

Cut out a paper figurine. Have your child paint and decorate the figure to look like their daddy. While my children painted, we talked about their dad. First we talked about his appearance. I asked what color eyes does he have? His hair color? What clothes does he like to wear? And while their creations may not exactly reflect their answers, their descriptions of their dad were right on. It was their sweet and honest answers to the list of interview questions that was the heart-melting moment for me, though.

Example Interview Questions:
1. What's your daddy's name?
2. How old is your daddy?
3. Where does your daddy work?
4. What's daddy's favorite food?
5. What's daddy's favorite sport?
6. What's daddy's favorite thing to do with you?
7. What makes daddy sad?
8. What makes daddy happy?
9. Why do you love your daddy?

Feel free to adjust these questions as most appropriate for your child and the child's father. And make sure you write down the response exactly as your child states it! The more honest, the better! And for those of you with young children who might not be able to answer the questions, it might still be fun to fill in responses that you've written on behalf of the baby.

Harry's responses
Emme's answers to the interview questions
Add your interview questions and their responses along with the daddy figure to a folded sheet of cardstock and ta-da! Your homeade, personalized Father's Day Card. Incredibly simple, yet very special. 

While this project can be used as a simple and quick Father's Day addition, I'm really looking forward to incorporating these interview questions as a new family tradition. Every year I plan to ask the same set of questions to the kids and I'll keep them presented in a folder for my husband and I to look back and reflect on. But I'm also planning to ask my husband to give answers for the same questions regarding the kids. I'll do the same. You see, I lost my own dad a few months ago and I can't begin to describe the heartbreak I feel, waking up every day and being reminded that I'll never again hear his voice, see his gap-toothed smile, or create another memory with him. It truly feels like a part of my soul is gone. I know right now it's still early in the grieving process, but I also know that this pain I'm feeling will never go away. 

I quite selfishly wish I had my own dad's answers to these very questions, to see just what he thought about me, year after year. I know I would smile at his answers, even laugh at them as he was a bit of a jokester and he would've thrown something funny in for me. While I know I will never get those answers, I can imagine what he would've said and use that as inspiration to create something small, with minimal effort, for my own children to someday appreciate when the time comes. They're only short, sweet snippets from a quick moment-in-time, but I hope that one day we will all enjoy reading and rereading them together. 

I didn't mean to get quite so serious discussing my own dad just there, but sometimes you've got to show those tough emotions. So there you go- I'm still missing my dad and still learning to deal with his loss. Luckily I have an incredibly supportive, loving husband who has been incredible through the whole process. He would also be completely mortified if he knew I was writing a blog post about him! But if I'm still being honest, no Father's Day post would be complete without the addition of a couple of my favorite photos of my husband in his best role yet... as a dad to our two amazing kids. 
To Alan- you have always been the love of my life, but I'm thrilled to share that unconditional love with the two children who love you as much as I do! Thank you for everything you do, and everything you are. We are so very lucky to have you in our lives. XOXO

His first day as a DAD! November 2011

Dad status x 2! April 2013

This fun-loving, cool dude takes after his dad :)

He's selfless and will do whatever it takes to ensure his children's happiness.

Daddy loving on his two minis!
Wishing all you hard-working, loving and devoted dad's all the very best for a special Father's Day- you all deserve it! 


  1. This is amazing. Wish I had done it with my kids and the grandkids. It's amazing. Thank you

  2. Absolutely beautiful! Xoxoxo


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