Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Seashells from the Irish Sea Shore // Kid's Craft

Inspired by our recent visits collecting sea shells along the Sandymount Strand, my daughter and I worked on a fun little craft yesterday.

Items Needed:
Sea Shells (Cleaned of sand and grit)
Construction Paper
Colored Markers
Craft Glue
Washi Tape

1. Use the scissors to cut different sized rectangles
2. Draw several styled frames on your sheets of paper (Inspiration here)
3. Create several prompts to inspire the drawings. While you don't have to use the prompts, it was nice for us to have a bit of direction for this project.
The following are the prompts I prepared for a 3-year old:
  • I added black spots to the shells // she colored the shells in red to look like ladybugs and added a grassy field
  • I drew blue waves for the sea // she colored the shells in green to look like turtles and added a yellow sun
  • I glued the shell dress on a hand-drawn body // she added hair and dress details
  • I glued four shells in the shape of a butterfly and drew the body // she added details to the insect
  • I drew tall green grass // she added shells throughout the field to resemble butterflies
4. Use your markers to add hand drawn details to the shells and paper
5. Use the craft glue to attach the shells to the paper
6. Once the shells are dried, arrange the frames in a gallery display
7. Use washi tape to affix drawings to the wall

Four shells create the butterfly's wings

The green grass needs some visitors... 

Butterflies fluttering through the field

Her placement of the family of turtles all lined in a row

"It looks like a flower, mom!" 

Interesting hair style we've got going here

Coloring the shells in red

Pressing down on the glue to get the ladybug to stick to the grassy field

TA-DA! The finished pieces

Close-ups of our seashell project 
This was a considerably easy, low cost craft to create. As we worked on the project, we talked about our visits to the sea shore and what we found when we were there. I can see many more of these seashell prompted pieces in our future! 

Do you craft with shells, rocks, sea glass or any other items you might find along the sea shores? I'd love to hear about what you're making in the comments section below. Or feel free to send me an email at with your ideas. As always, thanks so much for reading along!!!! 


  1. Amazing! I love all of these ideas! Absolutely beautiful! What a great way to show off there collecting and to show them how to make use of there collecting....brilliant!

    1. Glad you love it!! Could see S&W doing this with you after a day at the beach.

  2. Erin this came out fantastic, a super idea with the shells!


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