Friday, 3 July 2015

Cupcake Topper DIY // Fourth of July

Tomorrow is America's Independence Day! While it may be just another Saturday here in Dublin, we'll still be celebrating with some red, white and blue cupcakes. 

Here's a super simple way to jazz up those party cupcakes (even the store bought ones can use a bit of homemade decoration)! 

Supplies Needed:
Star Stickers (Found ours at Target $1 bin)
Bakers String
Scotch Tape
White Paper

Cupcake Topper How-to:
1. Stick the star stickers to the white paper
2. Using the scissors, cut out around the stars
3. Turn stars over and tape a toothpick to the back of each star
4. Cut pieces of string at varying lengths and tape to the back of star
5. Accent strings by adding smaller star stickers to the tips of the string

Dessert decorations- check!!!

Pies & Gents would like to wish all our American family & friends a very happy Fourth of July! Have a wonderful and safe weekend! xoxo

They may live in Ireland, but they'll always be my little Americans ;)


  1. Fantastic idea! They are adorable....oh and the cupcakes and toppers are adorable too

  2. Love these! They look like a firework!

    1. Thanks! 'Cause baby you're a firework!!!!!!!! :)


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