Sunday, 26 July 2015

Making Our Old Toys Feel New // A 5-Day Challenge

Do your children own plenty of toys but all that original charm when they were first brought home seems to have worn off? Are you a frustrated parent who has seen these perfectly good, yet abandoned toys ignored for too long? Do you want to participate in a challenge to get your kids excited about their toys again? 

Each night when the kids go to bed I am challenging myself to create a "new" play scene with their existing toys and objects found in my house. Each morning the children will discover an invitation to play at a new scene. I'm limiting myself to 30 minutes per night to work on this because sometimes I can get out of hand and could easily end up working on this for much longer! But I love that precious time when the kids have gone to bed and my husband and I can spend some time together. Thirty minutes seems like a fair amount of time to give up to work on a project for the kids, but still enjoy some evening relaxation too. 

Items Required for this Challenge:
Toys & Objects that already exist in your home or yard
Paper, Markers, Stickers & Tape to create a backdrop (optional) 

Absolutely nothing new should be purchased for this project. All items should already exist in your home, especially the toys! We are looking to reuse the toys that your children already own, to get them interested in those forgotten items that need new life. 

Here are the details of the scene that I set up tonight.

Day 1: Dinosaur Land
Items Used:
  • Dinosaurs
  • Plastic Eggs
  • Magnatiles
  • Sticks, Rocks, Leaves

Let's hope that the kids enjoy finding these play scenes every morning, but more importantly I hope it reminds them how many fantastic and fun barely-used toys they have. And I really hope that you all join me in this challenge- I look forward to seeing the scenes you create and hearing your children's reactions!

*Post edited to include the daily challenge.

Day 2: Frozen Faraway Land
Items Used:
  • Toilet Paper Rolls
  • Tin Foil 
  • Cookie Tin Cover
  • Purple & Blue Magnatiles
  • Miniature Frozen Characters from the My Busy Book Frozen set 
  • Miniature Frozen Characters from the Frozen Kinder Eggs
  • Elsa Magiclip Figurine
  • Polar Bears
  • Legos 
  • Miniature Dragons & Unicorns
  • Craft Stars

Day 3: Construction Site
Items Used:
  • Lego Duplo Building Blocks & Figures
  • Various Construction Trucks & Tractors
  • Rocks
  • Adzuki Beans
  • Kinder Egg Containers

Day 4: Under the Sea
Items Used:
  • Fish, Shark, Whale and other plastic sea creatures
  • Turtle Fabric Finger Puppet
  • Found Rocks, Seashells & Sea Glass
  • Green Tissue Paper
  • Ariel Magiclip Figurine

Day 5: Warehouse Fire in Chicago
Items Used:

  • Wooden Blocks
  • Ikea Wooden Train Tracks
  • Lego Spiderman
  • Various Micro Vehicles
  • Various Figurines 
  • Washi Tape

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