Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Ways to Washi // 5 Kids Room Ideas

In the short few months that I've been writing this blog, you may have noticed that I have a fondness for washi tape. I used it to display our salt dough creations in this first post here. Washi tape was used again in this recent post where I created a wall display. And you can also find it scattered in other posts from embellishing Mother's Day cards to hanging artwork. 

So what exactly is washi tape? For any crafter out there, you already know that it's a multipurpose, decorative tape with a million and one uses! Every color and pattern can be found in a variety of widths, sold at any big box craft store or online through Etsy. I love to decorate with washi tape because it's easily applied and can be removed with little effort and no mess.

For this blog post I'd like to show you how I've used washi tape within my son and daughter's shared bedroom. Perhaps you'll be inspired to add a little colour and pattern to your own room's design! 

1. Adding a pop of colour to a plain dresser.

I purchased this off white dresser before my daughter was born, intending it to be a piece that could grow with her over the years. It currently holds girl's clothing on the left side and boy's on the right. The walls in their room are cream and the carpeting is beige so to add a tiny hint of colour to a pretty plain palette, washi tape is the answer. It allows me to indulge in whatever color or pattern I'm loving at the moment but without the mess or permanence of paint.  

2. Creating a custom art installation on an empty wall. 

On Pinterest, houses are a major "in" design element, especially when searching through boards on children's rooms. House shaped shelves, blocks and even beds can be found everywhere. Trends come and go but a bit of washi tape allows you to play along with a trend, for just as long enough as you would like. 

To create this piece I measured out an outline on the wall and connected the marks with a blue and pink striped washi tape. Sometimes this house frames my daughter's doll house. Other times it serves as a photo backdrop or a place to play pretend. 

3. Making wallpaper for a dollhouse.

This dollhouse began it's life as an Ikea bookshelf. A bit of scrapbook paper and varying widths and designs of washi tape transformed this ordinary white bookshelf into my daughter's first dollhouse.

4. Adding rooftops on a "house" display area.

That "house" theme I mentioned above is pretty popular in my own kids' room. As previously blogged about, my DIY acrylic display area needed a roof to complete the look and washi tape solved that need, while again adding some bright colors into the room. 

5. Enhancing a simple kid's table.

Adding red polka dot washi tape to an Ikea Lack side table is a super cute and easy way to create a playful setting for the kids. Tea time never looked so delightful!

So have I convinced you yet that you need some washi tape in your life (or at least somewhere in your home)?! Or are you already a huge fan of washi? How do you use it in your craft projects? I'd love to hear the ways in which you decorate with washi tape!

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