Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Easter Bunny Banner // Crafts with Kids

Check out this super easy, ridiculously adorable bunny banner we made this week! It's a perfect addition to the Easter decorations in your home!

Step 1: Create a template of a basic rabbit silhouette
Step 2: Trace the template onto card stock

Step 3: Cut out several silhouettes

Plenty of colourful cutouts

Step 4: Place glue dots onto the rabbit's body

Step 5: Stick cotton balls onto the glue dots

My children loved helping stick on bunny tails!

Step 6: Arrange the silhouettes side-by-side and place string across ears
Step 7: Tape down the string to the paper ears

Hang the adorable bunnies 

Display with additional Easter decor, like these eggs hung from branches

Quick Supply List: 
  • Card Stock in several colors (we used pink, lavender, eggplant, blue and white)
  • Cotton Balls (we found the bag of pink, blue and white balls at our local Heatons for only 1.50!)
  • Glue Dots
  • Scissors
  • Pencil 
  • String or Yarn 
  • Tape

This project was super simple, using supplies we already had on hand. The kids really enjoyed sticking the tails to the bunnies. We made so many bunnies, in fact, that we hung a few of these banners throughout the house! 

Last year we had a brilliant Easter holiday, visiting family in Rhode Island. The day involved lots of handmade touches, like a bean bag toss game and a fantastic egg hunt. We also enjoyed a cute little Easter themed tea party with festive chick and bunny lanterns and making yummy Rice Krispies Eggs. I'm really looking forward to this weekend's activities, which will include an Egg Hunt, an Easter Event, and a few more arts and crafts projects while the kids are on their midterm break. Wishing all our readers a very happy Easter holiday!


  1. That's one hoppin' decoration!

  2. You do have so much talent Erin! The kids look so into it!!!!!

    1. Thanks Sunni! The kids are always excited to craft along!


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