Wednesday, 3 August 2016

DIY Ring Bearer Box // Wedding Details

Check out this super simple DIY to create a personalised touch for a wedding. 

Supplies Needed:
Small Glass Box (found at Sostrene Green for €3.99)
Gold Acrylic Paint
Thin Paint Brush
Black Felt Fabric
Glue Gun & Glue Sticks

1. Paint monogram on the box's glass top.
I copied the bride & groom's monogram directly from their custom invitations by placing the paper under the glass and tracing. If you don't have a monogram, you can either create one to print & trace or freehand a design of your own. Custom invitations from EJD Design.

2. Cut 2 strips of black felt that measure the same width as glass box.

3. Roll felt. 

4. Glue the ends of felt so they won't unroll. 

5. Place the two felt rolls into the box.
There shouldn't be much of a gap between the rolls. You want a tight enough space so the rings are held securely.

My son was a ring bearer at this wedding so it was even more special to have him carry this custom piece. I also made a similar version for myself, which holds rings on a bathroom shelf. It's a cute and practical project! 


  1. Thats a great idea. I like the personalization of the intials.

  2. Thanks! A quick way to add a more personal touch!


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