Thursday, 4 August 2016

Dinosaurs, They're for the Girls Too // Kids Fashion

Back in April my son celebrated his 3rd birthday with a dinosaur party. When it came to choosing an outfit for the party, he had so many dinosaur inspired t-shirts that he ended up wearing dino tops every day during his birthday week! The problem I ran into was when my 4-yr old daughter also wanted to wear a dinosaur themed outfit. I found it nearly impossible to find her anything that wasn't from the boys sections, which doesn't always have the best fit. I lucked out at the last minute when I found this colorful tunic from Next.

She paired the tunic with teal leggings and a yellow cardigan, coordinating with the colors from the dinosaur pattern. So that was their outfits sorted, party was fab and the near dino dilemma was soon forgotten.

Fast forward to last week when we were on holidays in the US and found ourselves browsing the racks in Target. "Mom, oh wow look at that!" my daughter exclaimed as her eyes lit up.

It was a graphic tee from Target's new Cat and Jack line. The dark gray t-shirt features 7 brightly colored dinosaurs, some even bedazzled with sequins. This tee appealed to my daughter's love for both rainbows and the prehistoric critters too.  It was a no brainer purchase, especially with a downloadable $5 off coupon advertised in the store.
So this had me thinking, what other clothing options are available to the girl who loves to play with the Brontosaurus, just as much as her Shopkins? Take a look at the list compiled below for more playful dinosaur options to mix in her wardrobe.


There were also a few pieces I came across listed under the boys section that I could totally see my daughter loving. Like this hoodie, with sewn on spikes. I could see her pairing this with a bright pink legging and some black converse sneakers.


It's great to see so many options for all our future paleontologists! Do your daughters love dinosaurs too? I hope this post has given you some fun clothing ideas! Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

*Note: The Next tunic is no longer in stock on their website. However, a quick eBay search offered results in several different sizes. 


  1. Looks like she will be the best dressed dino-girl...ready for any roaring time that comes her way!

  2. Roar!!!! I wish I had these options when I was a kid!

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