About Me // 10 Facts

So that you can understand a little of what goes on in my head and inspires this blog, read on for a couple of little and well known facts about me.

1. Born in Rhode Island, I am a New Englander who hates seafood. Yes, we do exist! I'll make rare exceptions for a portion of Fish & Chips that includes loads of lemon juice and even more tarter sauce. Does that even count as seafood? I know my family would not be proud ;)

2. I have a HUGE  (as in 3000+!) collection of PEZ dispensers. There was a period in middle school through college that I was quite obsessed with these candy dispensers. So obsessed that I would even attend Pez Conventions. I still have a place in my heart for them- I just don't have a place in my home for them! So my parents have boxes and boxes of PEZ sitting in their attic back in RI. I do have a Thor Pez here in Dublin, but I need to bring more of my collection here. 

3. When I first moved in with my (now) husband, I couldn't cook anything. I actually burned canned soup. It was so embarrassing! I'm happy to say that I eventually found my way, and while I'm far from a gourmet chef, I manage to keep our bellies full with little to no complaints. 

4. After living the last 5 years in Chicago, my husband & I, along with our 2 children, moved to his hometown of Dublin, Ireland in November 2013. We've been here for just over a year and finally starting to feel settled. I do love Dublin and am currently grateful for the mild winters here! As much as I miss the look of the snow, I do not miss the freezing cold and wind you get in Chicago, or the 3' of snow to shovel just to get your car out of the driveway in RI. But be sure to remind me of our mild winters come June when it's still not feeling like summer and you're all in your bathing suits. 

We LOVE the warm weather! Portugal // July 2014

5. I was in the Army Reserves for 8 years. I joined while I was still in High School because I was interested in the experience it would give me, as well as the tuition assistance they'd provide, but also because I just could not say no to my recruiter. He was one of the sweetest men and I was too nice to say no. While I was never deployed during my time as a reservist, I am forever grateful for the experiences and people I met through it. Hooah!

6. I met my husband when I was 22 years old in Newport, RI. We dated while living together in Rhode Island and then moved to Boston where we eventually got engaged, followed by a 5- year stint in Chicago. It was here that we were married in 2010 and then had our 2 children in 2011 & 2013. I love that we've lived in a few places and managed to make some amazing memories and life long friendships along the way. I love Dublin now, and the life we are creating here, but I often question when will I ever feel settled? We don't know how long we'll be in Dublin for- 3 years? 10 years? Indefinitely? That word indefinitely frightens me- it just sounds too permanent. 

The West Loop in Chicago // August 2010
All Wedding photos by Jeremy Lawson Photography 

7. My internal debate over "favorite/favourite" is somewhat laughable. This American laptop identifies only the O as correct, while my Irish phone constantly autocorrects the word to include a U. It seems unnecessary to include the U, but then again, when in Rome! While this blog is never going to win a grammar award, it certainly won't be winning any awards for consistently sticking with the right spelling either.  I think on the page alone I've used both versions of the word. And because we are sort of on the subject, I should warn you that I am an over-user of exclamation points!!!!!!!

8. I worked in Event Planning for several years before my current role as a stay-at-home-mom. There were some pretty glamorous moments in that former life. I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss some of it. One thing I definitely don't miss though is being held accountable to someone outside of my family, for 24 hours a day. I'd love very much to be working again, but I don't know if event planning is the right place for me anymore. 

9.  Talking on the phone is basically my least favorite thing to do. Wait, that's a lie. I just remembered how much I hate to pack luggage. But oh, how I love to travel. If only I could afford a lifestyle that allowed me to purchase new wardrobes upon the arrival of each destination and therefore avoid packing. 

10. I started this blog because I've had it on my to-do list for way too long. It has been a dream for a long time to write a blog. Plus, it's a creative outlet for me to express myself on here and I am genuinely so excited to hear from my readers. So please, introduce yourself! And if you like (or dislike!) what I'm writing, then tell me with a comment, like, or even better, a share. I plan to respond to every comment (it's written on the internet so now I'm truly accountable, right?!). 

Me, Harry, Emme & my sister in Dublin // December 2014

Harry & I in Sligo // December 2014

Alan & I at a friend's wedding in Kerry // June 2014

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