About Pies & Gents

About the Name 

The name of this blog, Pies and Gents, might be a bit deceiving. While it says "PIES", this isn't a blog about baking, although I might share recipes once in awhile. Then there's the other word in the title, "GENTS". I will confess that this is not a blog about good, courteous men either, although my doting husband and darling son will get the occassional mention. 

So what's in the name? 
When my daughter was only a few months old I joined the Instagram community. I enjoyed sharing photographs of my baby girl with my friends and family throughout the world. I would often find myself scrolling though the app during those late night feeds too. At first I was following along to family, friends and celebrities but I soon found myself following random strangers too. At first I felt like a weird stalker, but I figured since they were publicly sharing, they wouldn't mind me looking too much. Some of my favourite instagrammers to follow were fellow moms, sharing their daily life including the joys and tribulations of motherhood. One of the things I loved right away was the hashtagging feature and before I knew it, my baby girl had her own hashtag, #mysweetemmepie. Not to be outdone by his sister, when my son arrived his photos became tagged with #harrythegent. "My Sweet Emme Pie and Harry the Gent" seemed slightly excessive for a blog title, so I took a bit from each hashtag, shortening them to create this blog's name. 

About this Blog

Pies & Gents is a personal journal of mine, focused around this American mom of two toddlers, my Irish husband and our life in Dublin, Ireland. I started this blog as a creative outlet, as well as a way to keep in touch with my family and friends (old and new!) around the world. 

For me, this blog is a place where I can share our daily adventures, be it exploring our newish city, attempts at crafting, celebrating holidays, travelling or just existing as our little family of 4. It's a place where I combine pieces of our lifestyle along with stories from our parenting journey. I also love to discover cool stuff for my kids to wear, play with and do, and I could browse Pinterest for hours looking at the design found in children's rooms.  So expect to read posts that cover everything from travel to clothing to kid-friendly activities and much more!

I’m genuinely so glad that you’re giving this blog a read and I hope you’ll check back often. You are always welcome here. And I'd honestly love nothing more than to connect with other moms and parents, and see what you're doing with your kids, all around the world! 

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  1. Lovely to meet you albeit online. Thanks again for dropping by and commenting on my latest chat on ms-havachat. Couldn't help but pop over here to check you out (said with a smile

    Look forward to sharing blogs,

    1. Thank you! Happy weekend & happy blogging too :)


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